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Another anime dragon ball my favorite anime

  • Destroyer saga

I was impressed by this saga some super strong guy is looking for a super saiyan god and boom he doesn’t find it right away by the his name is beerus the destroyer he wants to destroy the world but they do a ritual to get goku’s new super saiyan power and it works

The fight

He is fighting on equal terms but beerus is holding back and goku gets serious and fight him up away from earth so he won’t destroy the planet goku soon in the fight runs out of energy and goes to a near super saiyan but is still holding up in battle but goku soon gets a threat and beerus says enough i’m going to destroy your world and goku said I won’t let you

Exactly what he does?

Is stop him from a bomb the he is about to drop onto earth and once he does more comes in and goku blocks those to and goku the falls back to earth but then he goes back to super saiyan and fights to his last sweat and then it finally happened goku fell and his friends were there to say good job but beerus wasn’t done he still wanted to destroy the planet but when he is about to he falls to sleep and his angel takes him back to his planet